Special issue in honor of Lloyd Stowell Shapley

Special issue in honor of Lloyd Stowell Shapley


GEB will publish a special issue dedicated to the memory of Lloyd Shapley approximately 18 months from now.  The guest editor in charge of the special issue is David K. Levine.  All members of the GEB community, as well as those working in related disciplines, are invited to submit papers.


Topics: Befitting Shapley’s contributions, the special issue will focus on contributions connected to his work, either theoretical or applications. Suitable topics include: The Shapley value both theoretical and computational, cost sharing, potential games, zero sum games, fictitious play, matching, market games, Aumann-Shapley prices, non-atomic games, and stochastic games. As this is an opportunity to advertise the significance of Lloyd's research agenda, authors are urged to explain in their introduction the broader relevance of their results. Contributions with clear connections to Shapley’s published work are especially encouraged.


Memories: In addition to soliciting papers for the special issue, we will also be publishing short memories (a paragraph to a page in length) of Lloyd's life. If you would like to contribute please contact the guest editor by email at david@dklevine.com.


Submission and evaluation: The guest editor will determine the papers to be included in the special issue. He will select papers from two sources: (1) papers already submitted to the journal, and (2) newly submitted papers targeted specifically for publication in the special issue.  When submitting papers targeted for the special issue, you should indicate so by picking “Lloyd Shapley Memorial Special Issue” as the article type and mentioning this in your cover letter.  Please also notify the guest editor by email at david@dklevine.com. Papers that are accepted for publication but not selected for the special issue may be published as regular GEB articles. When submitting revisions to papers that have already been evaluated by GEB, authors may indicate their desire for consideration in the special issue by January 1, 2017.


The deadline for newly submitted papers to be considered for the special issue is September 1, 2016. We anticipate final versions of the papers to be ready for publication submission by September 1, 2017.


All submitted papers will be refereed by the usual GEB standards and procedures.  Authors should be aware that being selected for the special issue may delay the print publication of a paper until the special issue is ready for publication. At the discretion of the authors and the editors, accepted papers may be converted to regular GEB accepted papers at any time prior to final typesetting


Lloyd Shapley was a foundational figure in game theory and we hope you will join us in honoring him.


Sincerely yours,

The editors (Marco Battaglini, Gary Charness, Vincent P. Crawford, Françoise Forges, Ehud Kalai, Ehud Lehrer, and David C. Parkes) together with guest editor David K. Levine