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The forum is a place you can turn to for information and help about economic and game theory. You may post questions and answers to questions, and read the questions and answers of other forum users. The forum is moderated, and the editors contribute both questions and answers as well as supervising the content of the forum.

There is no guarantee that your question will be answered. If you send the editors an email with a question, you will receive a form letter directing you back here, so if you do not receive a satisfactory response, please do not contact us by email. The forum is moderated, and questions and responses that are clearly inappropriate will be removed.

Before posting a question, please read the general material about economic and game theory, and please look through the forum itself. Questions that are answered in the general material or have already been addressed in the forum should be avoided. In general, the more specific and the broader the interest in your question, the more likely you are to receive a response. And please do not ask us to do your homework for you: questions of the sort: "I have been asked to write a paper for a class on the general topic of game theory - can you give me some help?" are not answered.

There are two ways to post to the forum: you may ask a question about an existing topic by clicking on "ask a question about..." at the top of the page, or you may respond to or follow up an existing question by clicking on "Respond to the question...". You post by filling out a form. You should choose a short informative subject line. If you wish, you may also enter your name and email address, or if you prefer you may leave the defaults and post anonymously. The short text message should contain your question, response or follow up question. If you want to format your message using html, you should paste or copy the html into the second large text area on the form. In this case, your short text message will be used in the short form of the post, and the html will appear when the full text is viewed. This can be useful if you want to create a message that is nicely formatted, with fonts, tables, and links to internet resources

The forum lists postings by the editors and users of the forum. Each posting has a short form (2-4 lines of text) and a long from (the entire html text of the post). There are four views of the postings in the forum. The default view is the "Most Recent Posts" view which shows the short form of the most recent postings in reverse chronological order. This view can be accessed also by setting the number of postings you wish to see and clicking the "View Most Recent" button at the top of the page. By entering the topic you are interested in and clicking on the "View Topic" button you will get the "Topic View." This view is an alphabetical listing of the different questions on the topic. By clicking on "[View Thread and Full Text]" following the header of any posting, you will get the "Thread and Text View." This view shows the short form of all postings on the question in chronological order and the long form of the posting you have chosen to highlight. Use it to read an entire post and to read a particular question and its responses and follow ups. There is also a search view that shows the most relevant postings containing the keywords you have chosen to search for.

Material appearing in the forum is copyrighted by the editors: by posting to the forum, you are ceding the copyright to us. The terms of the copyright are that you are free to use material from the forum provided that it is not quoted out of context, and that you provide attribution both to the forum and to the person who posted the material to the forum.