" We protect your rights with two steps: (1) copyright the software, and (2) offer you this license which gives you legal permission to copy, distribute and/or modify the software." Preamble to the GPL


Creative Commons LicenseThe goal of our open texts projects is to encourage the development of first rate collaborative texts. One part of this project was to develop a suitable open source license for collaborative text book writing. Since that time, the creative commons project has developed more directly suitable open source licenses. As a start on this direction Levine has released his class notes and slides under both our license and the equivalent creative commons license.

David K. Levine's notes and slides for courses on game theory and microeconomics. All of this material is released under the open text license and the equivalent creative commons license: the Attribution-ShareAlike License

Your material here available under an open source license...email David.

Related Sites:

OpenTextBook: "an effort to create a free textbook using methods developed by the F/OSS community." Consists of a draft mathematical textbook.

Econometrics by Michael Creel: An open source project to develop an Econometrics textbook together with hyperlinks to supporting programs written in the open source Octave programming language. It is currently in between lecture notes and textbook in terms of content - but looks very suitable for further development.

Creative Commons: has developed a variety of copyleft licenses for a variety of purposes. Basically since they are doing a good job, I recommend using their licenses, and we will probably not further develop our own license in favor of theirs.

opentextbookproject: The stated goal is to develop copylefted textbooks. At the moment the site is "all hat and no cattle" consisting only of a single web page explaining their objective.

Lulu: This is not a copyleft organization, but rather a commercial publishing organization building an open marketplace for all forms of digital content, from books and images to music. They purchased on earlier project, OpenMind publishing, that allows you to modify texts for your own classes, and appear to be pushing forward the project of collaborative and customized textbook production started by OpenMind.






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