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What is Game Theory?

Reviews of Game Theory Texts

Would you like to learn about game theory? For the complete novice, I would recommend Thinking Strategically by A. Dixit and B. Nalebuff (Norton, 1991). This is good general reading. If you are interested in getting deeper into the subject (at roughly the undergraduate level) you should try Game Theory with Economic Applications by H. Bierman and L. Fernandez (Addison-Wesley, 1993). The next step up is the graduate level text Game Theory by D. Fudenberg and J. Tirole from MIT Press. There are also two other advanced textbooks worth taking a look at: Fun and Games: A Text on Game Theory by K. Binmore (D.C. Heath, 1992), a very focused and mathematical treatment aimed at the advanced undergraduate, and R. Myerson's Game Theory: Analysis of Conflict from Harvard University Press. Also of interest is D. Kreps A Course in Microeconomic Theory (Princeton University Press, 1990). This is a general purpose graduate level textbook in microeconomics, but the treatment of game theoretic issues is especially good. Also take a look at the reviews of game theory textbooks.