"The fact that the easiest way to copy a program is from one neighbor to another, the fact that a program has both source code and object code which are distinct, and the fact that a program is used rather than read and enjoyed, combine to create a situation in which a person who enforces a copyright is harming society as a whole both materially and spiritually." Richard Stallman

Jarnal and Jex are released under the GNU public license. All other software written by the author and available on this page is placed in the public domain. Use it at your own risk.

Jarnal A Java Based Microsoft Journal/One-Note Clone

Jex a Java Based wyswig Equation Editor for Open Office

Ubuntu on the Lenovo S10-T3 some useful information

Linux on the IBM/Lenovo X41 Tablet some useful information

Linux on the Compaq TC1000 Tablet some useful information

How to upgrade a redhat installation remotely using grub.

Notes on upgrading from Fedora Core 1 to Fedora Core 3; also how to upgrade without burning a cd/dvd or floppy

SWFIX a macro to fix latex documents for Scientific Workplace; levlyx.zip postinstallation for LyX on Windows - modifies the GUI and adapts AMSART - unzip and run install.cmd; a template file for creating new LyX documents with the AMSART style; LyX is a working version of Scientific Workplace and highly recommended as a replacement now that it is officially supported under Windows

cmp_tex.php3 a document comparison script for TeX documents

Should be included in a php file that sets fully qualified file names $src_file and $trg_file. Programs like diff that do line by line comparisons are not very suitable for TeX;  cmp_tex.php3 analyzes paragraphs and individual words to find what has been added, removed and changed. Produces a color coded html document showing the differences between the documents.

Working with PDF

Templates for Drawing Extensive From Games

Java Source Code for Games

PHP Based Two-Way Replication for mysql Databases

Some notes about getting started with Linux